Meet and Greet Leeds Bradford - Departure

Meet and Assist - Departure from Leeds Bradford

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Meet and Assist - Departure from Leeds Bradford

Your personal Concierge will greet you on arrival at the airport’s entrance (or at your chauffeur driven car) and they will assist with your baggage and escort you through the priority check-in process (if available). Your personal Concierge will then escort you through the Express Lane security control and if you have booked a lounge, we will take you there and ensure you’re settled in while you wait to board. Whilst waiting for your flight, your Concierge will check that your luggage has been loaded into the aircraft and offer to assist you with any shopping or collection of items required for your flights, such as food and beverages. When your flight is ready to board, your Concierge will collect you from the lounge and escort you to the aircraft for priority boarding, if permitted.

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Booking Lead Time (hrs) 72
Airport Time Zone (GMT) +1