Abu Dhabi International Airport Diamond Lounge

Diamond Lounge - Departure from Abu Dhabi International Airport

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Sit back and relax in style in one of our award winning airport departure lounges.

First time booking? We invite you to take a look inside.

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Diamond Lounge - Departure from Abu Dhabi

VIP Terminal Abu dhabi:

Sit back and relax in one of our award winning departure lounges. With access from up to three hours before your flight you can wait in style in our lounges which feature complimentary high speed WiFi, a wide range of food and drink, shower facilities, kids rooms and smoking rooms. Our lounges are open 24/7.

Take a tour inside the prestigious Diamond Lounge at Abu Dhabi International Airport.

  • Diamond Lounge is available for 4 hrs per booking. Any additional hours will bear additional price.
  • Access to Diamond Lounge includes:
  • Buffet 
  • Entertainment facilities such as television, reading material, WIFI connectivity, etc.
  • Restrooms with shower facility;
  • Kids playroom
  • Prayer room
  • Separate Smoking Area;
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Booking Lead Time (hrs) 6
Airport Time Zone (GMT) +4
Pos Booking Lead Time (hrs) 0